Sunday, May 13, 2012

E85 and Fuel Filters, The Truth

Paper (cellulose) filter elements is the most practical way to filter your fuel to 10 microns...which is required by fuel injector manufacturers.  Now, some companies are saying paper filter elements cannot be used in E85.

The truth is:  it's been done for many years.  We've been doing it for several years ourselves.

First of all, none of the "high performance automotive" companies that sell aftermarket fuel filters actual make their own filter elements.  Only a few companies in the U.S. make these, we are likely buying our filter elements from the same company as our competitor.  (that says "don't run E85.")

I started with a military spec aircraft fuel filter...the one that caught my eye is good for almost 1400 liters/hour, then I designed a housing around it.  I took the mil spec for the filter and improved it for E85, which included a Viton o-ring and alcohol compatible epoxy.  The company that manufactures our filter element for us even validated it for E85.  Voila, an E85 compatible fuel filter...wasn't that easy?

The truth is, their fuel pumps can't handle E85.  They even tell their customers to change fuel filter socks every 10 hours!!!  (because their pumps keep burning up)  Since their business relies on selling fuel pumps, they NEED you to run gasoline.  I think they are buying time to figure out how to make their pumps E85 compatible, then they will give the OK to filter E85 with cellulose.

In the meantime, it is okay to use paper filter elements in E85, provided the manufacturer says it is "E85 Compatible."  And my shameless plug, Fore Innovations fuel filters are definitely E85 compatible, if you add the Viton o-ring option.

So, in the meantime, here are some pics of the production of our 10 micron, cellulose element, E85 compatible filter.

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