Thursday, May 17, 2012

405 vs 465 LPH Pumps...The Real Comparison

Since TI Automotive (owner of Walbro) released the fabulous 405 lph DCSS fuel pump last year, many of us have long awaited the "465 lph" version.  The DCSS465 promised higher performance, complete E85 compatibility, same dimensions as the 405, and slightly higher sounded almost too good to be true.  See for yourself:

The 405 can expect a 15% shorter life expectancy in E85 compared to the 465.  Considering the 465 has an average life expectancy of 10,000 hours in E85, we can expect the 405 to live 8,500 hours in the "corn."  If you drive your car an average of 45mph, that is still 382,500 miles.  Let's face it, the 405 is absolutely fine in E85.

The 465 barely outperforms the be accurate, the margin is only 5%.  Why you ask?  The 405's published performance is 405 lph in E85.  The 465's rating of 465 lph is rated for gasoline.  This is NOT a fair comparison.  Let's even the playing field:

In gasoline at 40psi and 13.5 volts:
"405" flows 440 lph
"465" flows 465 lph

In E85 at 40psi and 13.5 volts:
"405" flows 405 lph
"465" flows 430 lph

In the practical sense, the 465 outperforms the 405 by only 5% under most conditions.


The upper and lower diameters are the same at 39mm and 50mm, respectively.  The 465 comes with a worthless Delphi connector that you're going to snip off (leaving you with wire ends to splice) whereas the 405 comes with more convenient male quick disconnect terminals.  Both have a outlet barb for 3/8" hose.  The biggest difference between the two pumps is the inlet to outlet length.  The 465 is nearly 1/2 inch longer...not good in the tight confines of a fuel tank.


DCSS405:  $160
DCSS465:  $220

The 465 costs 37.5% more than the 405.  No need to say more.


We pay almost 40% more for the 465 that gives us 5% more performance with no tangible pump life benefit.  It doesn't sound very promising...unless you really care about that 5% performance increase.  Considering our fuel hats with dual 405s match or outperform nearly every available electric external pump, then we can't see the benefit of offering this pump to our customers.

If you must, we do have both the 405 and 465 in stock:

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