Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fore Precision is Out...But Who is In?

1200+ rear wheel horsepower cars using OEM factory fuel tanks…..unheard of until Fore Precision Works exploded on the market with the technology to make it happen.  That first generation of performance fuel systems was an engineering success, but there was room for considerable improvement.  Many of the products had flaws that were exposed over a period of time.

After months and years of Fore Precision fuel hats sitting in fuel tanks full of race fuel, E85, and octane boosted pump gas, problems showed their ugly head.  Hoses failed or eroded...we came to find out that highly coveted SAEJ30R10 fuel hose is permeated by the aggressive fuels, erodes, and separates from it's reinforcement, causing eventual failure.

Obviously the design must accommodate electrical circuits to provide electricity to the fuel pumps.  The Fore Precision designs simply had wire passing through the fuel hat.  That was a problem because fuel was able to climb up the inside of the wire like a tree root (capillary action) which created fuel smells and leaks.  The present generation of Fore Innovation fuel hats has a hermetic wire seal so there is no possibility of fuel leaks.

Fore Precision allowed internet parts retailers with no technical expertise to sell the product to end users.  Internet parts retailers are very protective of the client database, so they will always serve as the "middle man" in any technical support situation.  Fuel supply and delivery is a technical product, and anybody selling should have a fluid mechanics background to properly support their customers.

When Fore Precision Works went out of business, there became a void in the performance fuel system market and several companies rushed to knock off the products.  Unfortunately, it appears that they just copied the old products without any improvements. (some even took shortcuts)  This lack of product enhancement indicates a lack of understanding for the engineering and technical requirements of fuel systems. In these knock off products, we have seen improperly designed o-ring glands, use of submersible fuel hose, improperly designed baffles, incorrect testing procedures, and misunderstanding of basic fuel system knowledge.

Fore Innovations has produced a next generation product line that corrects problems and enhances the overall design.  Our ideal customers are end users and speed shops were we can directly interface with whoever is installing the products.  When you buy from us, you get:
  • Interacting components that are designed and made to work together. (not rebranded components from a variety of manufacturers)  In the case we have to source a component from a different manufacturer, we promise it will fit.
  • You won't spend money on what you don't need.  We want your referral business, so it is in our best interest to take care of our customers.  For instance, we're not going to sell you big pumps and fuel rails if you don't need them.  Conversely, we'll advise if you're going down a road that is going to cause problems such as with calibration or fuel pump life.
  • You can speak directly to the engineer who designed the product(s) you are interested.  There are infinite fuel problems and solutions...only a company with a high level of technical knowledge can truly support all situations.  We have two experienced engineers on staff to support any customer with fuel system needs.
  • If you break something, we can fix it.  (of course, since we make it!)  It is rare, but once in a while somebody destroys something during installation...we'll get you through it.